Hit the Spot Massage Ball creator Roy had a stroke in early 2020 – ended up in a wheel chair. After 2 years of continuous therapy Roy began using cork ball therapy to massage his fascia 3 times a week for an hour a day. The results were very significant. From not being able to walk without the aid of a cane to being able to lead a happy and functional life.

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Massage Ball Kit

Cork all natural massage balls can provide several benefits for individuals who incorporate them into their massage routines. Here are some reasons why cork massage balls can be the perfect addition to your self-care regimen

Versatile and customizable

All-natural and non-toxic

Comfortable and effective

Durable and long-lasting

Sustainable and eco-friendly

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Fascia is a vast network of “mesh-like” layers of connective tissue that makes your body a single continuous unit capable of sensations & actions. It is a major sensory organ that impacts our whole body on many, many levels.

We are finding out more and more about this amazing tissue but there is still a lot to learn!

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Amazing Fact

Fascia can change it’s material state from semi-solid to liquid and we don’t know how it does this!

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